Saturday, 9 March 2013

M&S Truro...the trend continues

"I went for my fitting and had a very nice fitter who I'll call Faith. To start she asked me what size bra I was currently wearing, how long I've been breastfeeding and how long I plan to continue. My answers were 36 J, 9 months and a long time yet. She then told me that the highest cup size they do is H so she may not be able to sort me out but that she will do her best. I was advised that I need to be in non wired bras as I could change size with the breastfeeding.

She measured my underboob but didn't pull the tape particularly tight and then went to get some bras for me to try. I was pleasantly surprised that she didn't measure the overboob as I was expecting her to.

Faith returned with a 38G and a 40G. The only reason she brought a 38 was because I said I was currently wearing a 36. She apologised and explained that although they do up to a H cup, they don't currently have any in stock for me to try. I was asked if I wanted to put the bra on myself or if I wanted her to assist and fit it to me. As I'd never been asked this before, I said I would have her help to see exactly what this entailed. Basically this means facing away from her and she puts it in front of me to put my arms though and boobs in the cup. After pulling the band down to be horizontal and adjusting the straps she said it wasn't a bad fit but it was digging in a bit so she suggested trying the 40 because that is what I measured as. The 40G was too big in the cup so she went to get a 40F. This ended up being a different bra and the cup really gaped. Each bra I tried, I was asked to lift my arms up to check that the band wasn't moving.

Faith apologised again at this point for the lack of stock currently and suggested that I am between 40F and 40G and that I could order some in to try.

I was told to do the bra up on either the loosest or the next set of hooks in to allow me to tighten the bra if I lose weight. "

So, shall we sum up where this experience went wrong? Yet again sounds like a very pleasant fitter but....

-nothing available above a G cup (which isn't even a G really as M&S don't seem to do FF)
-a 36 back put in a 40
-if the band "digs" you need a bigger band (erm, no, look at the backfat blog page)
-you mustn't wear wires if you are breastfeeding (they're fine if they fit properly actually!)
-no scooping
- told to use loosest hooks in case of weight loss (no, it's because bras stretch!)
- a new bra should NOT be on the middle hook (recurring M&S theme this one)

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