Saturday, 2 March 2013

Bra Advertising

Bra Advertising...The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Many of the ladies I have helped haven't realised their bras are "bad". Apart from seriously bad fitting advice, a big part of this is bad advertising of bras. How are we supposed to know what a good bra looks like, when retailers stick pictures all over the web of bras which fit ATROCIOUSLY?!

First up...the GOOD!

There are a few retailers who are getting it spot on, and consistently showing images of bras which fit beautifully. Unsurprisingly, Bravissimo is right at the forefront of are a few of their images showing happy boobs in good bras:
The lovely Gingham Posie...fits snuggly, totally encases breast. No Overspill, No escaping armpits......

The Paradiso Plume - big bras don't have to be boring!

The stunning can have cleavage without wearing a bra that is too small!

There are other retailers getting this right...Leia and Brastop for example. Sadly...there are more getting it very wrong...

Look at the arch on this...the back should sit horizontally! This is a Freya active which starts at a 28, so there is no excuse for it being this bad

Look at how the centre of the bra is lifting away from the chest. This is a sign that the cup is too small (I suspect a side view of this would reveal major quad boob!)

This is much too small in the cup...see the soft tissue above the left hand side of the bra...That's breast, it goes in the bra!

This bra is lifting right off her chest in the's probably too small in the cup and too big in the back
Another dodgy central should sit flat against the chest

These images of the Curvy Kate Smoothie really don't show it at its best. The cups are gaping at the outside edged, it's giving no lift and is probably far too big in the back - it's also fastened on the tightest hook.
This picture of the Curvy Kate Tease me doesn't show it well - it's a great plunge which gives awesome cleavage, when it fits. It's much too big in the cup for this model - look at the gap you can see at the edge of the left cup

A new addition - this one's so bad that even the bra is frowning!

Is this a bra...cos it isn't holding anything up!!

If I cross my arms, maybe nobody will notice this doesn't lift my boobs at all?

Yup, this central gore is definitely sitting flat between the boobs....erm....

Come on - the wires is clearly sitting on her right boob. GIVE HER A BIGGER CUP!

These are only a very small selection of the bra crimes out there. M&S frequently show bras where the back is far too big (look at the images of their "Rosie" range, which starts at a 32. No chance is Miss Huntington-Whiteley actually a 32 back. Boux Avenue show some images on their website which look great from the front, but show backs which are too big and fastened on the tightest hook. They helpfully advise which size their models are wearing, but unfortunately they are wrong!

Who is else getting it wrong - and who is showing how a bra should look?


  1. Could I please get an email address for you? I have a rather long and convoluted question to ask about correct fitting, bra shapes and boob shapes. It may need pictures.

  2. email

  3. 13 years ago I worked for La Senza. We used to get absolutely hammered by our area manager for putting incorrectly fitting bras on mannequins in store and in the window- for the reasons you so clearly state! How on earth are we going to educate people about an incorrectly fitting bra if everywhere they look it's wrong?

  4. It's very depressing - I am so fed up of seeing bras being advertised with rubbish images that don't fit.

  5. I have a question. I have a depression in my chest right underneath my breasts (it's because my ribcage sits high so my sternum sticks out a bit. It wasn't high enough for corrective surgery) so even what everyone (Victoria Secret, Nordstrom) calls my "correct bra size" (I'm pretty much always a US 32B.) won't lie flat against my chest.

    Am I really wearing the correct size? I always hear that chest piece should lie flat, but that's NEVER been the case for me.