Thursday, 21 March 2013

A double review - Ann Summer and SimplyBe fitting FAIL

Ann Summers

I approached the lady at the counter asking if they could fit me for a bra. She was very nice and polite, led me to the changing rooms where I undressed my top half down to my bra. I was wearing, at the time a 36E. I showed the lady how the band was too big by pulling it away from my body very easily. I also showed her how I had overspill on the cups. She got out her tape measure to take measurements and declared me to be a 40C. When I questioned this, partly down to the size I was already wearing and also because I have recently dropped a dress size, she responded by telling me that the band on my current bra was clearly too small and that the cups were far too big which was why they were digging in and overspilling. I was very dissatisfied with the service she offered as self measurements put me at around a 34F/FF

Simply Be

In much the same manner, I approached the girl at the counter asking for a fitting. She took me to the fitting rooms and once I was ready, she came in and declared my bra that I was wearing to be the wrong size. She said it was clearly too small in the band and that it was a good job I had come for a fitting as did I know that most UK women are wearing the wrong bra size? As with the Ann Summers sales assistant, I showed her how easily I could pull my current bra from my body and how I had overspill on the cups. In the same vein as the AS sales assistant, she also declared my current bra to be too small in the band and too big in the cup. Once the tape measure came out, she also declared me to be a 40C but proceeded to tell me that their store did nothing in my size and that I would be better off trying other stores in order to find a bra that 'fit correctly'. She did tell me that a 40 back may prove hard to find in a non specialist shop as a 40 back was larger than most Uk women would need. I felt this was rude and unprofessional. I was rather upset by this attitude, especially when I told her about taking my own measurements. She scoffed and told me not to follow advice from the internet and that she was an expert and should be trusted.

Bra Guru Comments

Dire service at both of these companies. I'm not sure what is worse - "you're getting overspill because your cups are too big" or " you can pull the band away so it must be too small." This shows that, even worse than just being trained to add 4/5" these are fitters who have no idea what a good bra should look like.

But the final nail in the coffin for SimplyBe is making rude comments about customers being larger than average. In a retailer which specialises in size 14+ telling a woman who measures around 34" underbust that she is too big for a non-specialist bra is APPALLING! Bra fitting is a very personal experience where you are stripped to your bra in front of a stranger. Any negative comments about her shape or size are simply not acceptable. Based on what we know about this reviewer, she probably needs a 34FF. 

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  1. So both companies actually advocated not +4, but +6! The rude comments are unacceptable, but I do feel that's a good thing that the shop assistant was not pushing a sale and fitted the customer based on what she thought her size was, as opposed to what they had in store.